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Euro 287, I assume its a heater core cause about 6 months ago as i was heading to work i felt my pant leg get wet, then the car started to steam up. THe only other thing it could be would be the hose connection, changed the hoses to the heater core about a year before that happened. These are the signs i thought of a bad heater core, what would be the signs of a bad heater valve? I am a fairly decent mechanic, having worked on all my cars in the past, hardest thing was a engine rebuild on a 73 911S. I haven't removed dash boards before but it didn't look like it was going to be that hard. I have a bay in my garage for working on it and have a spare car that i can use while working on this one. So i assume from your questions that i will have to remove the dash. how do you remove the airbag on the steering wheel? I did check with several shops in the area that work on MBs and they all quote approx 7 to 10 hours at $70/per shop rates. since its a old car and its my commuter i decided to work on it myself. any info would be much appreciated. Ken
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