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Dirty Ern
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Thanks for your concern. It was the Firday before Christmas a year ago, she was on Highway 101 South leaving San Jose bumper to bumper along with the rest of the Bay Area. That car runs on the warm side even in the winter. By the time it was all said and done, she had the full compliment of the CHP, Fire Dept, Ambulance and tow truck. They took her to the hospital and treated her for the burns. One ankle was just slightly blistered and the other got a big blister about the size of a hard boiled egg cut in half. It wasn't really too bad, she pulled out of it quickly. In fact she moved from Fresno to Santa Clara that same weekend. I went and got the car out of the tow yard and bypassed the heater to get it to my place. It seemed like the end of the trail for that car. We really didn't want to pay what a dealer wanted to replace the core, and knew it wouldn't bring any thing in thw winter without a heater..especially no defroster around here! When I went to the dealer to get the core, I talked to the shop foreman about the job of replacing the core, he didn't think it was the core, he said he couldn't ever remember replacing one in that model. When I had it out I took it to show him where it failed, it had a hole in one of the side tanks, right in the middle, where you wouldn't expect it.
Good luck, take your time and make a few notes and drawings, you'll do just fine.
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