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Hope someone can help me.

Under your advisement, I checked my brakes and rotors last night. And yes, they do need replacing. However, on the right front, I found a wire that was loose. I assume it is an ABS sensor.

It appears to be broken at the metal base. The wire is spiraling and white, and has a small metal half-circle at the end that's free. This metal piece seems to fit somewhere down in the rotor/brake area.

This brings me to my questions...

1. In the future, what are warning signs that my brakes need to be replaced? I never heard any noises or had loss of performance. If I had, I may have saved my rotors. All I received was the indicator light this w/e, which was too late.

2. What is the ABS sensor suppose to look like? I'm not sure if this is broke or not. And where does it connect. Is it something I can do when I replace the brakes/rotors?

Thanks for your help.

1989 190E 2.6