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Instant oil consumption after cyl head R&R

All of a sudden my 606 is using maybe a qt every tankful (700miles), while it was negligible before I removed the cyl head for freshening. They put new seals on, Audi seals on the exhaust side since they couldn;t find 7mm MBz seals. The cyl head was beat up good.

Maybe I reassembled it incorrectly? What would cause such oil consumption to occur all of a sudden?

I'm pulling the valve cover to see if oil is seeping past the o rings and filling the injector towers, other than that, I am at a loss.

Have never smelled oil in the exhaust before. Hope I can visually check valve seals w/o removing cams/lifter plate off. Am switching back to dino oil from syth, which will help a bit.

There are no visable oil leaks, it is burning it.
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