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Lightbulb Cheaper Alternative!

This topic will undoubtedly get plenty of opinions so here's mine, again from an earlier post as an answer to the question of alternative methods!

I've had some past experiance with vacum cannister oil change apparatus on marine applications (DD 8-92TI's) these vac cans usually develope some type of leak that neccessitates multiple pumpings. The best solution we found was a $10 drill powered rotary pump. These pumps have a rubber impeller and can self prime up to 8'. They come with male hose bib connectors on for the inlet and outlet. You can either make up adapters to connect small diameter (1/4"- dipstick size) hose or some pumps have the inlet and outlet I.D. of 3/8", if so, then a small (3" long) piece of 3/8 can be inserted inside the punmp inlet and then the 1/4" hose will fit exactly inside the 3/8" piece. I use a 3" piece of 1'4" to put down the dipstick and a 6' piece of 3/8" as my discharge hose. I use milky white polyethelene hose that costs .15 to .25 per foot at the local hardware store, it's used to make plumbing connections i.e. icemakers. P. S. I have extra hoses for transmission draining also. In 10 minutes you can drain nearly every drop (8+ qts.) of warmed oil, just make sure you crack the oil filter housing seal to allow the filter housing to completely drain. After draining you can either plug the hose end to prevent leakage or I disconnect the hose and use a small piece (3") of 1/4" for the 3/8" hose and 3/8" for the 1/4" hose to connect the two ends of the oil fouled hoses in a sealed loop! Neat and clean, they hang on the wall waiting for 3000 miles to pass!
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