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Hi Michael

Yes- the P6000 Summers do emit a bit of noise. This is the 2nd set of Pirelli P6000 Summer's I've put on the coupe. Previously had the older model Pirelli P600. The newer P6000 handles the weight of the coupe better vs. the older model. I don't drive the coupe (or E500) in the wet, so I've no experience with these in that manner.

I've found that the S-03's on the E500 give out a bit of noise also on certain highway surfaces---and also track slightly with the road surface's grain, but not excessively enough to offset its max performance.

fyi- if anyone wants a free set of P6000 Summer "W" rated 225/55-16's that for their 500e/e500 that are 50% let me know- just have to come pick them up from my house.

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