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Good to know, thanks guys! I noticed these engines can take a lot of beating... on most other cars ive driven, or what my friends drive, you'll smell something after pushing the thing hard. With my car, i can pull some drag races at the max of my car's ability and then cruise on home normally without abnormal smells, engine temps, pings, etc. Now, the only thing left that I find weird is that 1st gear start thing still... my car won't shift unless the pedal is down enough to hit the kickdown lever on the floor (otherwise it hits rev limiter and sits there in first), I tried it again today to double check. Not a big deal to me, just found it odd because I thought it would shift at redline or before no matter what. Maybe something needs to be adjusted or something, but it doesn't concern me much. One more stupid question though... which is what's usually the first thing to break after passing redline? I'd assume something in the valves or cams, but not sure. And if you put higher performance parts in, this would up your redline wouldn't it?
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