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I didn't buy from Sears because they burned me years ago on a BMW service issue. I had been working with Charles Gibbs at Feldmans for quite some time. The biggest problem is that the Mpls dealers rarely if ever have an S600 to sell. Ironically, upon returning from our trip, there was a message from Charles, he had a lightly used 2001 S55. Unfortunately we had already bought the 600(though I do not regret it at all). I suspect that your assumption is correct. I definately would not have had these issues with Feldmans.

markluta, You hit the nail on the head, they are nickel and diming on this deal. Funny, I didn't treat them that way when I chose to buy the priciest car on the lot. I would have taken 15 minutes to clean and package the wheels properly. Along with that a few extra bucks toward quick shipping would have been a very nice gesture. Those two simple items would have made all of the difference. But nobody really cares, the only thing they are watching is the bottom line. As a business owner myself, I am quite sure that they will watch it shrink if they do not change the behaviors displayed after my transaction.
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