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C280 questions-kind of long.

Ok here I go. Bought a 1994 C 280 about a week and half ago. I had it checked out with my Benz tech before purchase. He gives it the green light. Two days later oil leak in driveway. Valve cover and seal are replaced. Get it back, today I see an oil leak under car again. Small, but the same size prior to repair. Call my tech back, he says he's hoping it's not head gasket at the corner, and to bring it in tomorrow. Then I get home, and go to restart the car, car won't start! I had to press on the gas pedal to get it to turn over. This happened once before when warm, but didn't think much of it, I was almost out of gas. Maybe I was making an excuse there-haha. I've got some cardboard under the car now, and no oil leak showing yet. It's been a half an hour or so. Is it possible if he didn't clean the old up after repairing the seal that some could have still come down? Or am I more likely looking at the dreaded head gasket problem? No start after engine is warm? OVP relay or wire harness? Last question...If this is what it is, can I get MB to fix it under good will? It's only got 55k on it now. Thanks. Jason
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