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Originally Posted by GRIESL View Post
Same thing happened to me when I changed the spin filter at the freekin car wash. Ran for 20 seconds or so and died. Cranked and cranked and killed the battery. While I was waiting for my wife to come (make fun of me mostly) I thought I'd recheck the fuel delivery. Found that I didn't tighten up the filter completely. I was light on it because it felt tightly sealed. Keep tightening that bolt until it feels real good and tight. As for the click, I'd say you definitely have a battery problem, but you also may have burned out the starter. Good luck!
Ditto! Just finished my post indicating the very same cause of non-starting on my car after the filter change. I had to replace my starter that I "barbecued" trying to "make it start" ,so a dead battery may actually be a cheap way out for you.
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