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Now that the oxygen sensor in my 89 300TE has been replaced, upon being started, the engine winds up to about 1500 rpm then drops back sharply to about 500 rpm, frequently stalling. Sometimes, while the engine threatens to stall, the ABS light stays on, even when driving off. Eventually, the ABS light turns off. Once the car has reached operating temperature, it runs well and starts without stalling -- but it still winds up then drops. Before the O2 sensor was replaced, the engine occasionally threatened to stall while idling with the ABS light on, but it did not wind up on starting.

** more details **
I wanted to add that the rpm jumps to about 1500 upon ignition, in what seems a normal fashion, falls in what seems a normal way to about 600, then climbs to 1500 over about half a second. Only then does it drop to stall. It is as though the computer is looking for a signal while it raises the rpm and then giving up.

Any hints?

Many thanks.

Willy Gilson

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