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Lightbulb Need advice with 500SEL?

Alright guys I need some advice and please be very honest. I made the biggest mistake of getting an old Benz that was not well cared for. I got it for free so I figured that I was on the winning end. BTW it was a family friend who didn't want it anymore, had 2 other benzes.
Anyway so far I have put about $3400 in my 1985 500SEL. This includes many things both mechanical and for the exterior. I failed the emissions test so this is where most of the repairs started. I had the mechanic give a once over on the car and tell me what I needed. Ended up that I needed about $2500 including labor. Well I payed it and failed the test again.
I gave it back to my mechanic who looked over and found that the catalytic converter was hollowed out by the previous owner a long time ago. That was why I kept constantly failing the tests. Well most of the exhaust was welded and I don't think any of it is OEM anymore so I would have to get a full exhaust system. This would be about $1200 he told me.
My question is what should I do? I have put so much money in this car already. It still has things that worry me. There is some rust that has gone through the fender. There are also various rust points on 3 of the doors. The trunk smells musty and looks like it has been rained in. Also the interior is not too pleasant. The leather is ripped and faded on both of the front seats. Some of the wood needs replacing. Also the AC doesn't work. It only blows hot air.
As you can see this car would need more than $1200 to get back to new condition. I know that overall the money I put in the car is worth more than the KBB value but I am wary of donating the car because I already put $3400 in it. (That includes 4 new tires.)
The car has 124000 miles on it. If I do put the money for the new exhaust and cat what other repairs can I expect down the road and how much would they cost?
Your advice and opinions are always appreciated, thanks ahead of time.
1985 500SEL 124k miles
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