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Dirty Ern
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A point that should be heeded to the hilt! Gee, why would I ever say a thing like that? We took a full days trip to Bodega Bay in the Vette and on the way home stopped to have dinner and when we came out, there was a huge puddle of antifreeze under it. I looked underneath to see where it was leaking, and said it had to be the heater core. I bypassed the core to get home. When I finally got around to it, I tore the dash out, only to find out that it must have been a loose hose, cause the core was perfectly O.K. You can't assume anything. A guy (or gal) really needs to develop a system for trouble shooting. The greatest asset that everyone here has is this forum. My motto, even back in my old HVAC days was "If you don't know, say you don't know". I think we can go one better here..."If you don't know, just ask"
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