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I did have a W124 - E420 and a W123 - 300CD Turbo. Hence, I didn't want another 123/124 bodied cars.

and yah I saw the typo on the cyl. count too, but that's fine. Maybe it'll weed off people who don't know better

I would prefer a Turbo myself but this would be a great car to run around the city in and keep as a second car! Back in 2001, I almost picked up a cherry 190D 2.5T in diamond blue metallic with blue interior for $3500.... I should've!!


Originally Posted by shingleback View Post
The price seems cheap, only 1 bid so far. It is listed as a 4 cyl but is really 5 (count the intake runners in the under-hood photo. The 2.2L was the 4 cyl. If the car is in good shape you will really enjoy driving it on the highway. It is a bit slow to takeoff, but after you reach the powerband, around 2300rpm, it will cruise for hours. At highway speeds you can pass others like nobody's business and not even know it is a diesel. Bear in mind that the W201 has a lot less room in the back seat area, but the tradeoff is great mileage.
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