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Unhappy transmission cooling line leaking

I discovered that the left cooling line for the transmission has a leak. Here's the problem though, it's not the rubber hose, it's the hard line that runs along the oil pan and back to the trans. There is a clamp that holds the line in place and there is a rubber gromet that protects the line. Well, after 19 years the rubber fell apart and slowly and definetly surely, the vibration of the clamp has worn a hole into the line. Now, I have checked every online outfit for this line and no luck. I call it a cooling line, but all the online outfits, including "Fastlane", list only the rubber portion that goes from this hard line to the radiator.
The leak isn't really pissing, it just drips. However, when I lift the line up a little it leaks real steady, so I know that is where the problem is. I checked this with the engine off. With the engine running it drips also, I didn't try to move the line while the engine was idling.
Any tips on where to get this hard line, or would it be possible to repair this line.
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