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Question Upper guide, and timing on 300DT2.5

Hi everybody,

Yesterday, I did my timing chain,
after puting the crank at DTC, I put the camshaft in the right position, put the tensioner.The IP is 15 After DTC "compression phase".
All is allright, but I did that whithout the upper chain guide and vaccum pump. when I turn the crank slowly, all is OK. when I do that quicly the crank stops after some turns "the chain loose tension between the IP & the cranck" So I need to turn slightly the crank anticlockwise. and go again whith rotation in the good direction. the timing still be OK after more than 20 rotations.

NB: I tryed the timing without : head gasket, upper guide,vaccum pump..... I did the timing just to put marks on the IP before its removal.

300 DT 2.5 1991
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