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need info on 1987 300E

Hello everyone, I've just discovered this forum and I'm very glad I did, because I'm just about to buy my first Mercedes! I could really use some input from the experts!

I want to buy a 1987 300E. It's an American model imported to Poland in 1992 and owned since then by my father. So I really know that the car has been well looked after and I can trust the previous owner ;-) It's always been kept in a garage and serviced in authorized MB workshops.

The car has driven 130.000 miles and it's never been hit. Over the years a lot of parts were exchanged for new. A new alternator, radiator and timing gear to name the most important. Also the seals under the engine head and engine cushions were changed.

The minor faults are that the cruise control and headlamp wipers don't work. There's also a problem with the rear power windows. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes when I pull them all the way down I have to slam the door real hard before I can pull them up again ;-)
There is also something wrong with the factory alarm. Sometimes it goes off even though I open the door with the master key. Are these things going to cost me a lot to fix? Are they worth fixing at all??

I know I'll get a good deal on this car (after all I'm buying from my father) but I'm not sure how long the car will continue to run. What mileage can I expect this model to reach before things start to break? Is it still a safe car to drive? I mean if I can still reach over 100mph are all engine parts going to hold? Should I change the wheels? It still has the original 15" wheels which are now almost 15 years old!

What should I look at while using this car? What are the most common failures I can expect in the near future?

Sorry for the long post but I really need to know as much as I can. Thanks in advance for all replies!

PS. please don't use any tech abbreviations or symbols. I might have problems understanding the technical language ;-)

Have a beautiful Easter!!
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