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These make a huge difference in the way a 103 runs.

Machine shop $200.00 or so
Guides and Seals $80.00 or so
Gasket Set up to $150.00 (I use aftermarket on my cars, $60.00)
Depending on milage, I'd replace the chain stuff.
Chain $30.00
Tensioner insert $30.00
Front seal $6.00
Guides/Rails $35.00

Most shops get 10 to 15 hours for this, replace the little bypass hose between the water pump and head while your there. I also replace the plastic vacum line for the EGR and Air pump as well. Look carefully at the cap and rotor, replace as needed.

And in case your wondering, I've got 2 124 wagons that got the same treatment, one at 166k, the other at 176k.

The timing chain requires a tool to swedge the thing together after you route it. 103's are pretty easy on chains but, your right there and a ounce of prevention..........

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