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One of those, covered in matching black plastic or wrinkle finish woud probably look better than the chipped & distressed wood surrounding the shifter on my 'loaded' automatic 240D.
I'm a bit leery about longterm use of a wood cupholder.

A PO installed folding cupholders on the front doors of my stickshift 240D. They're covered in matching vinyl so they have a nice 'factory' look, but one of them is broken and removing them will leave a rectangular dimple and four ugly screw holes in each door panel. I did pick up some decent, un-holed & matching front-door panels on a recent trip to the Virginia Beach Pick-n-Pull.

Purists may wince, but for my Euro 300TD, I bought a set of four round black-plastic door-hanger cupholders at Wal-Mart for a couple bucks. They interfered with the manual windows on my car, so I cut the hanger off one of them flush with the rim, then drilled a hole for a #10 x 1" stainless pan-head philips screw in the bottom.
I fastened it in the front part of my center tray, still leaving plenty of room in the tray for odds n' ends. I decided the single screw-hole in the tray would be neater & more reliable than glue or velcro, and easier to clean-up & hide if I decided to remove the cupholder later. And the stainless screw won't leave rust stains. I'm planning the same cupholder installation for my 240Ds.

Happy Motoring, Mark

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