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I have all the manuals from August 1958 to 1972 for the cars I work on mostly ( i have later Fishe for the cars to 1992).
The Manuals were supplied to dealers only and those using them were expected to be Daimler trained Mechanics so it was obvious there were bits missing. Every month Daimler would post up dates to it's dealers to added to the manuals and the pages would be replaced with the up dates. I was lucky to obtain a full set of manuals with ALL the old pages plus the updates and the letters from Stuttgart which had accompanied the updates. It runs to 12 full volumes.
There is mountains of info in these manuals and you can chart the development of the Mercedes from the First W110 in 1959 to the last W109 in 1972 . I also have the 190 manuals which fill in a lot of info that is sometimes not listed in the manuals. Again ,it was expected that experienced mercedes Mechanics would understand the cars enough to only peruse the manuals to refresh information.

What I would really like is a fische reader/ printer,then i could print off pages when doing something like an early DB auto trans rebuild. And...I'm still searching for a copy of the W126 Chassis base panel diagrams
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