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I know that I will need a water pump replacement for my car. I am getting it on the 1st week of April when my dad gets back from Europe. Anyways, the coolant indicator lamp was on so I put some MB coolant in and added a little bit of water(I heard you should put some water on this board). Then all of the sudden, while driving the car dies on me. I panic, so I put the car in park and turn off the car. After a few seconds I restart the car and pull off the road to a place where I can park. I put some coolant in, let the tempreture of the car go down(it was at 94 roughly) to about the 80 mark. then I turn the car back on and attempted to drive home. Then the car started jerkingand died again. I repeat the process about 3 times on the way home and now I am scared that this COULD be more than just a water pump... or is the water pump the reason as to why my car did what it did on the way back home. I was pissed off at my car and pissed off at everyone when I got back home... any encouraging or any news at all on what I should look for would be greatly appreciated. I parked the car out back and don't plan on using it until my dad gets back. I am both pissed and scared on what to do since I am not familiar with this.

thank you for any replies I get on this thread.
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