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thank you tkamiya for writing.. and yes I have cooled down since.. watched TV and I am now gooooood

1) yes I added water.. bottled water that i had in the backseat of my car incase of health emergencies.

2) yes its leaking... and only leaking at the front of the car. From the examinations I already did on the car, the exhaust looks fine and nothing drips from it or anything.

I noticed it got wet right under the water pump and part of the lower part of the water pump... not sure on EXACT area though. Then it would leak down to the bottom and I think its dripping of the bottom of the motor. Not sure what that is since I am not a car guy and no one in my family is. I also noticed it would evaporate some since that part is hot. Not sure if that helps any much.

once again, thank you
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