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OK, I messed around with it this evening and came up with some more information.

After I got home, I checked the vacuum signal from the EGR solenoid and it is now functioning with the engine warmed up. When I pulled the electrical connector to test it, the computer instantly set a code. Whsn I re-connected the solenoid, it did not resume working so I figure what messed up my readings the other night was the fact that I had turned on the ignition with the MAF unhooked which set another code.

The EGR circuit never functioned again properly until the code cleared today.

The impedence of the EGR solenoid is 14 ohms. One thing I'm afraid of is that it is controlled by pulsed voltage which won't work for the relay. I'll give it a shot anyway but I may have to get an impedence matching resistor to make the relay mimick the EGR solenoid.

Here's a couple shots of the computer box with the MAF wires identified:

Overall shot. Notice the little yellow flags in the upper left and lower right corners. There are four of them.

Here's a closeup of the computer harness with three of the four flags visible.

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