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wiring harness

hey benztech..
sounds like u know about this damn wiring harness.
well..i have the same '95 e320 and my engine light turned on so i went 2 my tech to get it checked
and he gave me the great news that the wiring harness had no insulation on the wires going into the engine so he taped a few of them up. About a month later...same tech said he didn't tape all of them and that i would need a new one. then he gave me more great news...a new one cost like $850-900 for the part alone
so i got to calling a few used parts places to see if maybe i can get this thing used. well i got a hold of a shop in NJ that deals with strictly engines and they told me to ask my mechanic which wires on the harness i need...that i wouldnt have to replace the whole thing. does this sound accurate to u?? thanks in advance for any help!!!
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