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The car started jerking when I was slowing down on turns and then when I wanted to accelerate.. it would sort of die out and start to jerk. I would try to floor it but nothing happens. So I stopped the car, put it in break, and restarted the car. The car would then take off once again. I noticed that the tempreture was high.. possibly neat the 100*C mark.. could that have anything to do with that? What would a high tempreture like that do? Also, its not a damp leak.. its more of a constant leak... like a drop or two every 3 or 4 seconds.

regarding my screen name "snibble".. its my taggers/tagging name. heh.. I don't do much of that at all here in Columbus. A tagger is a person who draws graffiti. But I haven't done that since Summer of 2000.

thank you for your help, I much appreciate it.

Oh by the way.. this might sound stupid, but where is the spark plug located in my car? and no there is no steam coming from the car either.
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