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Front ride height for a stock W124?

I have a -92 300tdt that has been fitted with Eibach springs that should lower it about 1,5" all around.

This seems to be correct in the rear but in the front it is very low almost to the point of contact between tire and fender.
I checked the rubber pad and it is already the 4 bump (thickest) model so no help there.

I checked the springs and they still have the original coat of paint all over them so they haven't been cut or heated
Could it be that the springs have compressed over time?

The Eibach agent here claims a "lifetime" warranty in cases like these but on the phone with them they told me it was normal height and nothing they would do about it.

This is the part where you come in to the rescue......
So I figured I get the correct height from center of wheel to edge of fender on a stock non-lowered car and subtract the 1,5" and if I end up with a different number larger than mine I'll call back and slap it in their face.

My height as of now with the 4 bump pad is 12,75" or 325mm measured from center of wheel to the upper edge of the fender with no load in the car.
Most W124's should have the same height when they left the assembly line or at least with a very small variation.

MB E300TDT -98
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