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I need help! Motor mounts, steering gear box, idle control valve, and injector.

The car is up on jacks and I need to finish this project. We're dealing with an '89 300TE.

First, motor mounts. I can get the 8mm bolts under the car loose and I got the 17mm top bolt on the passenger side loose. How in the world do I unbolt the 17mm top bolt on the driver's side? I can get a socket on it but there is no room to swing the rachet handle. Also, are there only these four bolts holding the mount?

Second, steering gear box. I had earlier asked about adjusting the steering gear box. I finally found the lock nut and adjusting bolt. They are on top of the box just as you folks had said. I can get a 19mm wrench on the lock nut but, again, have very little room to manuever it. Like the driver's side top lotor mount bolt, it's just buried under the air filter etc. How do you guys get to that lock nut and adjuster bolt?

Third, I took off the idle control valve, cleaned in with carb cleaner, lubed it with a little wd-40, and then, just for kicks, ran power to it. The internal valve moved, but never fully closed. Is it supposed to? Or, is it supposed to stay about 3/16" open?

Fourth, when I removed the water pump, I had to remove the front cylinder's gas feed line (side question; how do you folks access the top rear bolt which holds the water pump to the engine block?). When I looked at the top of the injector, there was a small amount of dark particulate sitting there. My idle, starting, and acceleration are not terrible but not terrific. Should that junk at the top of the injector tell me something? Can I remove the rest of the injector, visually inspect it, and them replace it or will I ruin a seal or in some other way compromise it (I don't have a replacement on hand)?

Thank you for any advice. I want my car back!
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