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My thoughts are that if it's been going on for a long time, (months-years?) but was first intermittent, there may be a corroded connection...easy to say, but tough to find...

If it runs fine at start-up and after ten minutes or so begins to seems as if the heat generated by the engine or a component that opens-up (stops working correctly) is the culprit...and they are difficult to find.

Here are some of the thoughts that come to mind...bad spark-plugs (unlikely but they are the least expensive item on the list), bad spark plug wires (or connectors), throttle position sensor, incorrect fuel pump pressure, clogged fuel filter, faulty oxygen sensor (if you're seeing your "check engine light"), faulty engine control module...and because of its high mileage, you may want to add worn engine parts...unlikely, but without complete service records, there is always a chance.

If you are good with tools and have a working knowledge of repairing the complicated systems on today's modern vehicles, I would suggest a service manual (Haynes and others) available for your model. Some of these have troubleshooting sections which may help. You'll also learn how to identify the various components of the engine.

If this seems beyond the scope of your knowledge, you'll have to have professional diagnose the problem and replace the defective part(s). I don't want to seem fact, I'd like to help, but there only so many options available without actually seeing the car.

If you're trying to sell it, and the car looks good, I'm sure it will sell. But if will have to run flawlessly to get the top price. Because it's a "later model", there will be less "crazies" (like me) that would be willing to adopt a needy car and bring it back to life...

Hope this helps you make your decision...

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