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Re: Arthur

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Saguaro2000
[B]Arthur, would you please advise the TSB no. and date of the TSB recommending filling to the half-way mark on the dipstick when the engine is warm? Thank you very much. (I have been thinking that some of the oil leaks on these engines may very well be due to overfilling the oil on the part of people that are not aware of the TSB you have referred to.

Sure . Here you go

104 eng.
TSB-18-045 and 00-134 -- Issue Date 11/95
Effective - Immediately

[ these two cover the Revised Capacity on 104 engine
From 7.5L to 7L.]

TSB-00-057A Date 12/95
Revised dip stick level checking marks and procedure
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