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trottle response slow

Just purchased an 89 300 se of my father and the trottle respnonse is so slow i dont understand. You press the gas pedal and it takes a second or to for it to kick in and start to accelerate. Also there is a major vibration coming from the bottom of the car from 40mph on up othere than that its a pretty deicint and clean car. Also while driving on the freeway the car was on cruise control and it stopped on its own i tried to push down the gas pedal and realized the cruise control was already pushing the pedal down all the way but getting no respnse from the car. It felt like the fuel pump went out for a minute but i am not sure. After i pulled over it started back up after a couple of tries and i was back on the road again. This is the nicest car i have seen and i have fallen in love with these cars and am planning on getting one for myself soon.

Thanks in advance for all help.


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