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Angry fuel distributor???

have 1987 420sel. was running sluggish. roughly. tuned up recently so ignition o.k. changed fuel filter & now won't start. checked OVP-o.k.... checked fuel pumps-o.k....thought i got 'bad' fuel filter so installed another..still no start...have approx. 90# pressure at filter outlet...have approx. 45# pressure at press. reg. outlet to distributor...EHA tested within limits prior to filter change & proper OHMS now...repalced pump relay...still no start...

manually over-rode cold start injector & can hear trickle being let in. if i hold injector open for a while, get enough to start engine & stop after fuel used up.

loosened different inj. fittings on top of fuel seepage while ign. on or while cranking...seems no fuel getting to top of distributor.

THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!! engine running prior to filter change. Could fuel distributor just 'crap out' like that? Have tested everything up to it. even removed relay & jumped #87 & #15 piun to force pumps to stay on...still no fuel getting to injectors.....HELP!
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