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Removing the steering wheel

Set the wheels straight and release the steering lock by inserting the ignition key.

According to my Haynes manual, first you remove the airbag.
Then you remove the wheel retaining bolt.
Make some aligning marks so you can put it back on correctly.
Then you tap it with the palm pf your hand and wiggle it from side to side and back and forth and pull it off.

What about the airbag?

Remove the two retsining screws on the rear of the steering wheel. You may rotsate the wheel to gain access to these.

Return the wheel to the straight-ahead position and carefully lift it away, then disconnect the wiring connector from the rear of the unit.

I would disconnect the battery first, to avoid the airbag going BOOM! and scaring the bejesus out of you This would also be scary to replace. There is a footrest panel under the carpet on the passenger side. remove the retaining screws and disconnect the airbag system wiring conector which is red in color.

Store the airbag padded surface up.

Refitting is the reverse of removal, but note the following:
(a) If the contact unit has beemn rotated with the wheel removed, centralise it by pressing down on the contact unit and rotating its center fully anti-clockwise. From this position rotate the center backthrough three complete turns in a clockwise direction.

(b) Coat the steering wheel horn contact ring with a smear of petroleum jelly and refit the wheel, making sure the contact unit wiring is correctly routed. You do want the horn to honk properly, don't you?

Then refit the airbag.

It is always helpful to write down and diagram everything as completely as possible. It is rather boring to do , but can be useful.

If you don't have an airbag, just pry out the star at the scenter of the wheel, amd then unscrew the wheel retaining bolt.
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