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They do not sound like Eibach springs. SPAX and others also paint their springs red. How sure are you that those are Eibachs?

If they are Eibach there is a distinct possiblity that you have the wrong springs under there for your engine. It may be the 200E/230E springs you got under there, a lot of people ignore this fact when buying especially if they see a nice deal on some springs, and they then try to compensate for the mistake with spring pads. 200/230 springs would slam a 300 down and slam a 400 right on to the tires. But here is the kicker, the rear springs are almost identical through out the model range because the rear curb weight of the W124 line up (not including 400E/500E) does not change much throughout except if you have options like power windows and such, this is why your rear looks fine.

Hope this helps. If you have the spring number, which may still be somewhere on the spring, you should double check this.
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