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To All,

I apologize to the Mercedes owners that utilize this site. I, like most of you, am grateful to the knowledge and professionalism of the sites operators, as well as it's members.

The comment of Mercedes being 'cheap' was not meant as an insult to it's users or manufacture. However, there are certain factors about these vehicles that make them no better their average Japanese or American counterparts, which I thought would be 'lower in quality' than Mercedes.

The high level of maintenance for a non-durable good almost makes these vehicles an irrational purchase. So, naturally the question would have to be posed by a recent buyer, "Why do people purchase them?"

Whether a 'Good 'Ole Boy' or 'Average Joe,' a piece of machinary that requires such high level of maintenance would not be a rational purchase to anyone who thoroughly does his/her research, as I did, prior to a purchase.

My comments were written in haste at the end of a string of problems that seem to plague the Mercedes that I own. These are minor problems that I have never encountered in other vehicles, foreign or domestic; problems that stem from, what seem to me, as 'substandard' for such a prestigous and regal automobile.

I think any Mercedes owner can testify that below the enjoy ride and luxuries, Mercedes is just an average car.