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I began to participate in this sight because it promised to be a technical forum where Mercedes-Benz owners could post there technical question. It has become more and more of a whine forum. If I want to listen to this type of comments there are many forums out there that thrive on this type of behavior. True MB enthusiast do not whine about the high maint required, or the problems that they encounter. They aproach it with a positive aditude and entusiasm for the fine peice of mechanical equipment that they are fortunate to own. I began to lose my entusiasm for this when I gave a person instructions to remove his rear view mirrior. He then somehow managed to break the mirrior. He then posted a very uncalled for post. I guess when you offer free advice you have no control over the ability of the person that is giong to be performing the work. Sometimes I forget that not everyone has the ability to use there hands. ie. Bull in the China Closet sindrome. As for the comments of a cheap product. This is a relevent issue. One must always keep in mind that cost is always a refection of the quality of a product. Take for example the 89 190E in question. This car was designed as a entry level Mercedes-Benz. Remember what it was called on introduction in 1984? The press called the Baby Benz. It was sold for aprox. $22-23K. A S-Class Coupe of the same time sold for aprox $65-70k. The point he is that the 190 does not and will not ever reach the same qaulity levels of the S-Class. The 190 in my experance was one of the best values that M-B ever offered. I hope that those that are responsible for these types of post get the hint. From now on I will not respond to any post that contain this type of comments. If you have a technical question Please post the symtoms and history as best you can and I will do what I can to get you the info that will help. Many other tech that are in this forum feel as I do I am sure.
PS If you think that M-b Owners are tempermental try the techs.