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Okay everyone, hold up! If I seem to have pissed that many people off, I more than apologize!

My comments were not intended to offend ANYONE. Like Corky said (who by the way I am very appreciative too for the rearview mirror assistance, and who took my comment the wrong way) my car is a Gremlin. Maybe I purchased the black sheep of the lot, or maybe the sun didn't rise correctly the morning of all my problems, either way please end this campaign! This is a ridiculous way for grown men to behave. This is not Capital Hill!

As I have been waiting for the last four weeks to receive a service and repair manual, I am very hestitant about experimenting (as someone said) my novice ability on such a car, i.e. the mirror, Corky. This site is and continues to be a excellent forum for those like myself who want to be very careful as not to cause damage. However, lets all remember, these are just material matters. There is no need for drastic emotions and rudeness. This site by far is above that, per it's operators and members.

So, I'll make each you a promise, to end this matter once and for all. I will stay off this site until I receive my manual. At that time, I'll able to make more 'technical' questions.

I hope this suits you all well.

Signing off,