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This might be confusing since you've got a RHD I don't know if the lay-out is the same. Here what it looks like for a LHD.

Standing at the front of the engine and working counter clockwise, lower right side of block will be the A/C compressor above that is the steering pump, immediately next to the steering pump is the distributor (look between the distributor and steeping pump, you should see a flat faced round protrusion coming off the front of the block - that's the leveling pump). Continuing CCW is the cruise actuator, the alternator and below that the air pump. There should be a vacuum line the runs from the fenderwell (opposite fender from the EZL), I think it has a blue strip line running to it. That line come off a swicthover valve that in turn has a line that runs back up to the intake and attaches next to the fuel distributor.

I know you starter will be on your passenger side of the block but I don't know about the lay-out of the accessories (except for the cruise unit, because I can see it in the picture).

The hose that runs the length of the valve cover, is that the same one in the picture with the white cap at the ends? I believe that is part of the air system.

If it was still light out I could try and get a couple pictures for you, but they'll have to wait as it is dark now.
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