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Oil change on C230--First Benz

I searched the forums but there seems to be limited information on the new C230--2002. Also, it is my first Benz so I want to make sure I do everything I am suppose to. I am changing my oil in between the FSS. I already have a Topsider. My questions are the following:
1. How do I remove the cover to get to the oil filter--I was told it is next to the oil dipstick under the black cover.
2. Is using the Topsider all I need to do to remove all of the oil. Specifically, do I need to loosen any other oil lines as some other models.
3. Do I need any special tools?
4. Is Mobil 1 0W-40 the best oil to use?
5. Is Mann the best filter--what about Bosch?

In advance, thanks for the assistance. If the question has been asked before I apologize. As I stated, I tried searching the forums to no avail.

John Cappuccilli
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