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Unhappy Please help Benz Members !!!, 300e tranny problems

I have a 86 300e, When it sits for a few hours the reverse works just fine (plenty of power). But after driving it only 2-3 minutes in drive and putting it back in reverse, no reverse. It feels like the emergency brake is on. It started doing this after it sitting for about four months. Do I have air in the lines or is there somthing I can adjust or should I change the fluid/filter. I drove in reverse for one whole city block one time and there was plenty of power like normal, but after driving in drive then back in reverse no reverse. I did check the fluid level. Running and HOT the trans fluid was just below the top line. Or how do you check the fluid, it seems to be about 1 inch above the top line before I start the engin....What is up with that........Members you have to help Thanks..... I will post some pic of the car (just installed blinking mirrors) Thanks Mercedes Shop
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