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Thanks for asking about the 560 Matt. I have logged almost 2K miles since getting it back on the road. It has been a great driver so far, in fact good enough that if I square away the A/C by 4/19 I plan on taking it to Las Vegas - about 800 miles round trip.

It is a great highway car, not too bad in town either. Very comfortable, but not near as sporty feeling as the 4.5. I managed to get 16.5mpg on the last tank and have averaged 14.2mpg over the 2K miles. That is a bit better than the 4.5 for high end mpg and average. Also, does not appear to have used any oil as of yet.

A couple little things have popped up, nothing major and easily repaired. The left tranny cooler line was getting moist, so I changed it. Other than the moist tranny line there have been no leaks so far with the semi-synthetic oil I'm running. I hope to be running synthetic after another oil change. I did have to clean out all of the spray nozzles for the windshield and headlight sprayers, plus replace the pump grommets as they would leak on and off. Everything had been plugged up with crud. Now spray patterns look good, and with fresh wiper blades the windscreen is always clear.

I have been thinking of writing a comparison between the 108 and 126, but that'll be another thread for another day.
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