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Removing & disassembling W124 front bumper

I want to have my front bumper cover (1993 300CE) repainted. Removal is easy enough. After removal, I believe that I will only need to disassemble the black impact strip and the chrome strips on top.

It appears that the impact strip is held on by three screws at either end and a number of pressed in plastic tabs along the front. Is this correct? Do I need anything more than a screwdriver here?

The chrome strips across the top of the bumper are held on by special clips. The repair manual CD notes that there is a special tool to remove these clips. Is this tool really neccessary? Can I just pop them off with pliers or a screwdriver? Will I need to get new clips to put these strips back on, or will the old ones still be serviceable after I get them off?

Finally, what does one do to prep plastic? Do I just sand with regular sandpaper?

Sincerely, Eric
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