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The hole/circle is not the TDC indicator. That is intended for a special tool (locating device) used to set the adjustable indicator, using this procedure. The indicator can move up to 3 total is must be set with a dial gauge on the piston crown. It almost always ends up in the middle of the range (0.5) so if you're unsure, or it was accidentally moved, re-set it right in the middle if you don't have the cylinder head off to do the dial gauge procedure.

Anyway, you are supposed to be looking at the tab sticking out in sort of a half-arrow shape, this is the pointer. (It's just to the left of bolt #41 in the diagrams of the procedure mentioned above.) The 0 line on the balancer should be fully visible to the left of the indicator at TDC. The line shouldn't be centered under the edge, as you might think, that would actually be ~0.5 ATDC. Click here for a timing chain TSB showing how to measure chain stretch, etc.

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