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"clicking" noise ONLY when turning right

I just replaced my snow tires with summer tires on the 87 300TD (all tires have their own wheels so it is really a wheel/tire swap).

After the tire replacement, the car has a "clicking" kind of noise ONLY when turning to the right from the right rear wheel. The wheels and lug bolts are original. It sounds like a little rock is caught in the wheel.

I had one tire went flat due to a nail last fall just after I revomed it and put on snow tires. The shop could not pull the whole nail out so they pushed it into the tire and then put a plug in there. But I am not sure if it was that tire. But that is not a very probable cause as the noise is only there when turning.

I may put one snow tire and wheel back to see if the noise disappears.

Any experience?


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