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Help needed asap re dragging rear passenger brake caliper

Hi folks,

I made some time to work on the 300DT today, but it was really hot today here in LA, so we tried to work as quickly as possible.

My friend and I had a pretty productive day. We installed my old 87 300D differential into the replacement subframe w/ brand new bushings and all the links as well. To make a long story short, after bleeding the brakes, we put it in gear and drove it for a few hundred feet down the street. Only the rear brake caliper is stuck, or as some posts I've read described as "dragging."

I really don't understand why the brake is dragging at all. All we did was replaced the differential that was still attached to the replacement subframe (from a 260E) with my old 300D differential. That entailed moving the driveshaft out of the way and installing the original diff. Of course, we needed to remove the 1/2 shaft XZN bolt and then reinstall the 1/2 shafts. But again, why did only the rear passenger caliper stick?

Tomorrow, we are going to try to unstick them based on some of the links I've found on the forum. Any last minute advice is appreciated.
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