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93 190E 2.6 Power loss/hesistation/running hot

there are probably millions of threads on power loss/hesitation and stuff on these cars, but maybe someone will know instantly what is wrong with my engine from these symptoms.

lately, ive noticed that my water temperature has been running hotter than normal, but well below the overheating mark. i've also noticed that when the temperature is high like this, the car runs very awkwardly.

the car runs alot slower than it normally does. when i am full throttling it, the car bogs down severly around 4000-4500 rpm, then picks up again after 5000, but still going pretty slow. anytime I let go of the throttle a little bit to let the automatic transmission shift, it feels like someone punched me in my face as the car lurches forward very hard. (normally, my transmission shifts really hard when the engine was running over 3000rpm and I let off throttle completely)

additionally, the water temperature is higher than normal. before I was having this issue, the engine would idle and water temps would be at exactly 80C. but now it is running inbetween 80C and the next mark (100C?).

I've swapped and replaced the OVP relay along with the MAS relay. Both have made no difference in the way the car runs. I am thinking of trying the EHA valve next, followed by the CIS-E computer, and finally the EZL before going insane.

does anyone know exactly what is broken from past experiences?
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