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Sicangu Oyate
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190E alternator diodes

Hello friends,

I was in the process of rebuilding my alternator...essentially changing the regulator module. I found only one diode, and that checked out OK. Of course I mangled the crap out of it getting it to the meter, so I had to resort to attaching a "prosthesis" because I couldn't find a replacement. This has me wondering?

If this is a 3-phase alternator, why can I find only a single diode? Also, is there a rating or number for this diode in case I wanted to pick one up at an electronics store?

I have checked everything I could find in the alternator. Aside from the brushes being totally spent and not knowing the condition of the regulator transistor, the coils are not open and the bearing seems OK. Before I put the thing back together with the new regulator module and the surgically restored diode with a slight disability, am I overlooking something that may come back to bite my ass when I head for South Dakota this weekend?

Thanks for the advice...

Joseph Monk
1985 190E War Pony
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