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As you may or may not know robaincltnc, starting in '94 (up to the completely redesigned '96 and newer cars) the E-class got a minor facelift of the W124 chassis with cleaner hood/headlight design as well as updated body-cladding. Some minor interior touches changed as well, but you'll have a very hard time seeing any differences between a '94 and '95 E-class. There were perhaps some minor options changes, but the engine, tranny, all major mechanicals were carried over as far as I know.

Being the last two years of production for W124 body-style, you're getting the most refined car for your money imho. I ended up with a '95, but would have taken a '94 without blinking, since they are virtually identical.

I can tell you that the power and smoothness of the V8 will not dissapoint! My only slated performance upgrade for awhile will be to "16 wheels as the stock "15 are a little soft for me.

- Ryan
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