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Since plenty of people are reading this, I'll keep up with update's and hopefully someone else will join in.

My latest thought is to remove the gear box, make the adjustment, and reconnect it. I think I would only have to remove two mounting bolts, disconnect from the steering wheel rod, and disconnect from the steering arm. Has anybody done this? Is it a reasonable way to gain access to the adjustment bolt?

I reconnected the fuel line to the front cylinder. As I had also disconnected it on the other end, I reconnected that end too. When reconnecting that end, I noticed that the gas pooled immediately under the tube had a rusty color. I dipped a little on the end of my finger and it does indeed have a more cloudy appearance and was more rust colored than normal gas is. I also noticed that there was a touch of rust on the other end of the tube under the nut that clamps the tube to the top of the injector. I assume something is not right. Does anyone know what is wrong, if anything?
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