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I have an '89 300E that needs new injector seals. Price at local shop is about $140 plus new injectors, at $30+ each if needed. I'm told to expect at least a couple of injectors will need replacement at 160,000 miles. I can buy new injectors, seals, insulators, and o-rings for about $150 from IMPCO in California. My mechanics tell me replacing the injectors is a relatively simple operation that a home mechanic can do, and I am about to take on the job.

My concern is that there might be adjustments to the fuel injection system that will be required after this repair and that I might not get the thing started after saving myself some money. The car has recently had a full engine service and all adjustments are said to be as specified. They tell me that their testing showed some bad fuel injector seals.

With adjustments presumably made correctly, can I expect to have the engine run acceptably well after I replace the injectors? My shop will make any needed adjustments when I bring it back, I am just concerned about the state of things after I have replaced the injectors.

Any cautions, advice, or other information would also be appreciated.