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Mike, I've been considering buying a 108 for a while now, and since I've had so much trouble with the 93 W124, I'm considering selling it and buying a cherry, restored 108, and with the money I'd be saving I'd pay off the credit card debt.

I'm thinking of buying a 108 or 116, buy am worried about the 116 fitting in the garage. From our last gtg, I remember that your 108 was about the same size as my W124, if not a little longer.

I remember the 116 300 SD that was there, and it seemed real big. I wonder if they're bigger than your 126?

I'm wondering on the driveability issues on the 108, the reliability, effectiveness and reliability of the a/c system, simplicity issues (no smog, mechanical fuel injection, fewer electrical sensors, computer contolled parts, etc.), fuel economy, ability to work on by a DIY (I've done extensive work on old American V8's, but am afraid to touch my engine without a degree in electrical engineering).

My dad had a 1981 W126, and have ridden in enough of them to know what they're like.

I'd just love to hear what's it like driving a 108 as an everyday car, and if they're practical enough or just too antiquated to rely on everyday...
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